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Vision Marker USA - Labels and Signage

About us

About us

Visionmarker Inc. is a leader in the production of labels and signage in North America.

We have been serving clients in the plumbing, electrical, fire, manufacturing and mining industries since 1983.

Given the high quality of our products and abiding by the standards of, NFPA 170, ASME 13.1,NFPA-99C, CGA C-9-2002 and CAN/CGSB-24.3-12, our products are often seen as the standard in the industry. Our industrial signs and identifications are designed to withstand all types of weather conditions; exposure to UV rays, moisture and chemical products.

Visionmaker has been involved in hospital, industrial, commercial and municipal projects over the years, each one having it's own priorities and particularities. Our complete understanding of our client’s needs is a source of pride for our company. A quality personalized product, a fast turn-around time and dedicated staff set us apart. 

Visionmaker has been continually growing since 1983, mostly due to the fact that our experienced team is always able to adapt and take advantage of diverse opportunities that present themselves. Our team of experts is the main reason we are leaders in the field, which is a source of pride.